About Us


The E.C.D.M is a National Network of Chaplains that respond to Disasters to provide Spiritual Support to victims of these tragic events. We were founded in 1981 by our current National Commander. We focus on all areas and provide spiritual support for the victims and families affected by these events.

Areas of Emergency Chaplain Disaster Management (E.C.D.M)

Chaplain Pastoral Clinic Spiritual, Workplace Chaplains, Corporate Chaplains

Military Chaplains (active-duty, in active and voluntary)

Schools, Colleges and Universities ,Churches

Hospital Chaplains ,Hospice Chaplains

Long-Term Health Care/Assisted-Living Facilities Chaplains

Corporate Chaplains, Community ,Marketplace Chaplains

Chaplains assist with grief, stress, pain and suffering

Critical Incident, Natural Disaster Chaplains, Terrorist Attacks Chaplains

Chaplains to Chaplains, Sports Team Chaplains

Disaster Services ,Jail Chaplains ,Prison Chaplains


World and National Headquarters – Main Campus & Business Emergency Chaplain Disaster Management (E.C.D.M)

First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC 1328 16th St NW,

Washington, DC 20036